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We are CrossFit 360Vida
CrossFit: (adj) Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.
360: (adj) Complete Circle - Changing your point of view.
Vida:(n) From the Latin word vita meaning Life / Lifestyle / Way of Life.

The team at CrossFit 360Vida believe that CrossFit is life-changing. We are passionate about helping members reach  personal goals, conquer fears and change perceptions about their own abilities.
CrossFit 360Vida - Live it.


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You're all so ready and have worked really hard to get to where you are! We will start tapering the intensity in class from next week to allow for proper recovery and create some hunger for hard work - evil we know, but necessary. This is a really important phase in your training and usually, where injuries start cropping up. You've been pushing hard for a while now and may start coming down on the other side of the performance peak if you're not recovering enough between sessions or training through niggles. As we have done previously, I will be running physiotherapy slots specifically for pre-competition "fixing" if anyone needs assistance next week and te week thereafter. 

30-45 minute Sessions are available during the day for: 

* Sports Specific Massage (localized or troublesome areas)

*Joint / Muscle Assessment and Treatment 

* Dry Needling

* Strapping

* Assessing any "niggles" you may have acquired recently, and planning management for the comp weekend. 

Sessions will be charged at the Sports Team Rate. You will be able to submit to your Medical Aid for claiming. 

Please email Diane if you would like to book a slot. (