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May 2015... !

Start your Fitness Journey with a Free CrossFit Intro Class - All you have to do is get off your a** and start!

Regardless of your goals for 2015, CrossFit will change your approach to training and exercise! Come and experience a community of individuals that trains hard and plays hard.

May 2015 Intro Classes:

  • Every Tuesday 6:30PM - Book your spot now!

"You dont need to be fit and strong to start CrossFit - you just need to start" 


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CrossFit Journal
We are CrossFit 360Vida
CrossFit: (adj)Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.
360: (adj)Complete Circle - Changing your point of view.
Vida:(n)From the Latin word vita meaning Life / Lifestyle / Way of Life.

The team at CrossFit 360Vida believe that CrossFit is life-changing. We are passionate about helping members reach  personal goals, conquer fears and change perceptions about their own abilities.
CrossFit 360Vida - Live it.
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9-10 May:
Last Man Standing Team Competition,

29-31 May:
Medridian (Europe & Africa) Super Regionals,

27 June:
Virtuosity 15.4 at CF 360Vida